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Wurmrest Alliance (South-central Cadence)

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Hi there,

I figured I would make a post on the forums in case anyone else was interested in joining our alliance.

We are a loose-knit group of solo players and a few villages from all over the world.  We offer light chat, with a friendly and mature group of people, and an annotated map.

We have a discord to keep in touch outside the game.  Everything in the alliance is opt-in, no pressure do your own thing.

We also have allied with a large village, Elysium, with many amenities to offer if you'd rather join a village.


We are located in the area shown below (stars are allied deeds, triangles are other settlements). 


So if you live nearby and would like to join, feel free to send Prabhupada a tell in game.  If you'd like to join Elysium as a villager, please send a tell to Torthur. 

Or message me on the forum here (I dont check often so if I dont reply, look for me in game)

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Hey I'm interested in joining, I'm at r13 (Roshar on the community map). Planning on eventually building a highway to the north!

IGN is Blameping

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