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Gardening Skill Improvements, Tree, hedge, and bush placement!

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Gardening Skill Changes!


*Allow for placement of shrubbery, hedges, trees and flowers freely instead of central planting or random planting. 

This idea could be tiered based on your gardening level.. 


*allow for free placement of hedges aswell, provided you have the corosponding gardening level .


example : bush requires level 20 gardening for free placement of the planted bush. etc. 


I think this is a very simple but important addition. This allows for more customizable flowerbeds aswell as better landscaping options! 

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Well, sure. This is certainly an idea - and a fun one at that.... but, in terms of implementation - how do you see this as a functional game mechanic co-existing with the way the structure of the Wurm environment works? 

Right now, the Wurm environment is a 2D world "stretched" into a 3D appearance. The terrain is divided by tiles who have tile borders. Plants are spawned relative to the tile they occupy (1 plant per tile) and hedges are a subsection of fencing, which is a "3D" rendering of a 2D line between tiles. 

As far as I know, only objects in Wurm have the ability to be freely placed (with some restrictions there, too). 
So, just as a guess, to make your concept realistic for the current game mechanics... we'd need to design new objects with layers of dynamic object art to model plant, tree, and hedge growth. These objects would need to be craftables, so... maybe one "placeable birch tree" is crafted using 20.00 dirt, 3 birchwood sprouts, and 2.50 water. .. and now you have a birch tree object that can be freely placed. 

(1) they would probably have to be decorative only, similar to how hedges have different growth levels, but do not produce sprouts or harvestables
(2) as objects, would they be subject to damage / decay mechanics, too? 
(2a.) If so, can they be repaired / improved? Why or why not? 
(2b) If not, how will future players deal with the decorative landscaping left behind on an abandoned deed??
(3) naturally occurring plants, hedges, and trees in Wurm have collision boxes. Will placeable plants have collision, too? Brainstorm all the ways that collision or the lack thereof will cause bugs, griefing, and unforseen loopholes regarding property, locks, deeds, theft, and avoiding decay without having to deed. Go ahead, I'll wait. 

So those are just 3 points off the top of my head that would have to be assessed before an idea like this can fully take shape. 

It's not that I don't like this idea. I adore the idea of expanding the decor & landscaping options for Wurm homesteads.... but as it stands, this suggestion would need A LOT of detail work & fleshing out before it becomes a viable suggestion. 

And then, after that, the suggestion would have to be carefully considered because new in-game objects that require their own, new or adapted, gameplay mechanics, will take a considerable amount of development time, investment, and energy. 

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