Harmony Bay Market is opening! Looking for merchants! (not villagers) Market stalls or 2x2 buildings available!

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We are now basically ready to open up to the public! :D

Harmony Bay Market is a deed just East of Harmony Bay (literally the next tile after perimeter's end)

We are not looking for villagers, but for traders that want to have a place to set up their merchants!

We offer 2 options, both are 100% free, neither of those require you to be a villager, you can have your own deed or belong to any other village.

1) Market stalls - if you don't have much stuff to sell, you can ask to us for a spot in a market stall, or maybe even 2 of them.
2) 2x2 Buildings - Our 2x2 buildings provide space for up to 4 merchants(at least 2 , please), and have an upper floor where you will have a bed and other furniture(on request, until we make them all), we can Rename it as you please and we will give you structure's permissions,so that you can also do other stuff in your house.

Summoning with a priest is also often an option if you live far and don't want to travel all the way to here.

The deed is currently still a work in progress, but we can already offer several spots, and it doesn't require too long to add even new ones!.

What we will offer in the future:
- A temple with all the altars
- A structure to provide food for everyone
- Maybe sermons if someone is willing to run them
- Decorations and stuff :D

- Please note that this is not intended as a "village experience" We will not give citizenship or free tools, we might appreciate help in continuing to build it up, but we'll need to discuss it first, and we will not give deed's permissions for most things
- Please remember that merchant contracts are a strictly personal item, we couldn't lend them even if we wanted, so you'll have to personally buy all the merchants contracts, and they will stay yours, we can in no way take possession of your merchants or items even if you stop playing.

Here follow a few pics of the deed at its current state and a deedplanner 2D and 3D plant of the finished project:





Deedplanner finished idea:




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3 hours ago, Borstaskor said:

Damn, why are all the good markets on harmony 😭

Harmony is the place to be - cadence bad!

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Awesome, More markets! Wish we had a bunch on all the servers! Hope to see lots of merchants there! Good luck!

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