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On 9/30/2020 at 7:51 PM, Darnok said:

<<you ref me with the nonsense below?>>

So you are saying that the game is extremely hostile to new players/crafters who are late to start the new server? And now, if a new player has decided to become a blacksmith and will make tools, he has no chance to sell his tools 30-40ql, because there is no demand for them?
If you tell a new player that he has to play for two months and during this time no one will buy his tools from him, and in order to earn anything, he should probably use alt to perform boring tasks, such a player will log out and uninstall the game.

Sure you might think my solutions are bad, but that won't change the fact that the current system is even worse. There has to be some solution to create a demand for medium ql items for new and mid-level players to thrive. Without it, how do you want to attract new players to the current servers? And without new consumers, even those 90 skill crafters will lose the market pretty soon.



DUDE ARE YOU TROLLING?, where do you read such claims, the opposite.. any new derp can be 1 to 90 in a week or 2, maybe a month.. make a new character, get a 90 in such range... ONE skill.. ONE at a time.. anyone can do it, we all(some of us) did it already, new players just have to walk the same road to get there.


dude.. if you go to play wow now.. you wont get sh.. for month/s that's worth to sell for much or anything worth your time.. go whine at blizzard for that, see what their opinion is for your thoughts. (new players suck, we all have been there; we all start at level 1...

You can no thrive if you are not good at anything, pick your own niche market, look at trade offers on forums.... analyze them for month/s and see how things actually work, if you see a flaw, suggest improvement, not general trash over everybody's head so "??new players?? can thrive" on the market...

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I have some ideas on how a lot of money can be used, so if you have too much give me some.


If you spend as much time in the game as you say and have to pay for premium, you are doing something wrong. All these rules and the entire economy are used by veterans to get all the silver from average players and be able to play for free, and the noobs will pay their premiums and upkeeps and all with real money.


🙂 Who said I have too much money? I'm just saying I'm not suffocating trying to make all the money in the world.


There is an obvious flaw in your reasoning here - I pay for premium because I want to help support this game and keep it afloat. Don't forget that the servers need money to run. It's my choice to do so, and if I wanted to, I could very well pay premium with ingame currency. I currently pay my upkeep with cash I earn ingame, and like I said before, the point of this game isn't to make piles and piles of silvers to sit on. There are vets who've been playing for more than 10 years and paid for premium for every single month of that time. If no one pays for silver and everyone drains the servers by spending silver on premium, then there will be no silver  to be gained from gameplay, and even less silver for new players.  It isn't an ultimate goal  for all players to dominate the market and let your income ingame support yourself. If that is your goal, then I wish you luck, and will just say; suck it up and learn the market, not whine about how difficult it is to find a foothold without putting in the work others have. If it isn't, then, well, there is no point to this argument. On my deed lives a fellow newbie, the silvers I've got to spare go to offering small jobs for that resident of mine to help out with so he can pay for his premium with ingame silver. Both of us enjoy our play, both of us get what we need. My goal in Wurm is to enjoy myself. The less I gripe about the most miniscule of details in Wurm, the happier I am. Like I said before, I shall say it again. You can play Wurm in it's entirety without even touching the economy with a 10 foot pole. IF you're looking for a game where the economy is blossoming and the money is good, look elsewhere, because unfortunately you won't be very happy here at all.

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