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Rose Respite is needing your help

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Hello fellow homesteader,


Are you tired from the road? Tired of fighting off the monsters of the land alone? Have your spirit templars quit because of the hazardous duty? Or do you need a place to stay and learn from others? Trying to save up for that nice little patch to call your own?




Rose Respite Shipwright is needing your help!


We are currently looking for all roles yet you are free to choose your own path. If you already have a chosen path in mind or want a profession to strive towards to help even more, we currently need Masons, Fine Carpenters, Laborers, Leatherworkers, Sculptors, Potters, Foragers, or Farmers.

About Us


I started this deed as a solo player. After a little while, two new players set up a homestead near me. I could tell they needed some help and so I invited them to join my village. Together we have grown as friends and I have expanded my deed from a simple 10x11 (110 tiles) to a 43x40 (1720 tiles) deed. We are a fairly active village with 5 members and there is normally at least one player on with only a few hour gaps. We are respectful, and enjoy helping others to learn this awesome game. We are located at E9/E10 on the Northwest Coast of Melody. You are welcome to come by and check out the deed and visit with the locals.


What is in it for you?


As mayor, I ask that you help your fellow citizens and allies if they need help. Any money you make is yours to keep, but I ask that you chip in to the deed upkeep or give a fellow citizen a fair payment for his work if it is above the normal day to day request. I also provide you with a free apartment that is either a 2x2 or a 3x2 space with great views that you are free to decorate any way you please. The apartments are first come, first choice but the choices won't let you down. 


The Amenities


A large coastal deed with central guard tower and 2 spirit templars with another guard tower nearby, easy access to a Trader, Merchant, Wagoner (future), Enchanted Mailbox, Community Ships, Public Mine with room to expand, Well, 2 Clay pits, and a Tar pit. We also have community carts, rowboats, and sailboats available to accommodate your trade craft.


Mountains and Dense Forest with Linden, Fir, Chestnut, Pine and Linden. Maple, Oak, and Cedar scattered around the premises provide enough lumber for most crafts. There are nearby areas of untamed wilds still ready to be explored by hunters and adventure seekers.


Being on the Northwest coast makes traveling to other servers a breeze as we reside about 5-10 minutes from both the West and Northern server borders allowing for quick access for both residents and customers.


Sit on the beach, fish from the docks, or take a leisurely stroll along a paved mountain path (*no guarantees on safety 😛)


Active Projects


Because of starting as a solo deed, I am a little behind but we are quickly catching up. I have received a beautiful set of deed plans back from the architect and I have just finished acquiring a large amount of the materials needed to build.


The deed will have a public kitchen\tavern, workshop, large docks and shipyard, and provided player housing. A lighthouse has also been added to the deed :)


With just the few of us, it is difficult to work on these major projects while trying to coordinate trades and fulfill ship orders in order to make money to fill the coffers and pay the man. But don't worry about the deed as it is well paid for. 


If you are in the market for a ship, please check out my merchant ad below: 



The Player Housing building is complete. I am now working on the Kitchen/Tavern and the Workshop.


Below is the proposed deed plan.





The current deed as of November 1, 2020.



My Humble Beginnings as seen in Katspurr's video below:




Please be respectful to your fellow citizens, neighbors, and alliance members. No griefing or stealing. Act like an adult when needed. Your reputation means something in this game. I encourage you to aspire to be self sufficient but feel free to ask if you need help. I do not require payments or tithes or taxes but donations of money to the deed upkeep or materials to the community is welcome. I am fine with any buildings being constructed outside the proposed village center as long as the "Settlement may manage flag" is checked. This ensures that in the case of a player leaving for good, that space could more easily be utilized in the future if needed.


How do I join?


Contact the mayor, Opaveus, with an in-game tell message, look for our ad on any village recruitment board, or leave a message here on the forum. My alliance neighbor, Jadis, may also be able to give you a free teleport if you are on Melody and you have already utilized a free village teleport or you just want to check out the area. We can help you move or give you a ride to the deed, if needed, as we have a large fleet of available nautical craft and can load cargo. I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Wurm experience!


To Do List for Villagers/New Recruits


Some things you can do around the deed that would help would be to tend the gardens, collect grass to put in the trough for the cow or the other animals, groom animals, forage, and fish.

For Carpentry/Fine Carpentry, make planks for floor boards, make small/large barrels, bookshelves, tables, chairs, small or large chests, hitching posts, bulk storage bins, and/or 2 more food storage bins, we could also use more beds and need to replace the normal beds with Canopy beds once at 65 Fine Carpentry. The merchant Merchant_Misc near the docks recently lost his merchant stall due to rezoning and needs a new one :)


For Cloth tailoring, we will need rugs, tapestries, maybe some barding for the animals, and/or sheets and sails.


For pottery, we need a couple large and small clay amphora's and 350 more pottery shingles for building roofs.


For Leatherworking, we could use tool belts and saddles.


For Masonry, we could use more forges in the workshop in front of the bulk container units and masons can help with continuing the workshop and kitchen building plans once at 30 skill. 


For Digging/terraformers, there is an area near the clay tile surrounded by construction markers. The tiles that have construction markers need to be surface mined down to be level with the rest of the dock area (you may not have high enough digging/mining skill for this yet). The Highway needs to have a 19 slope all the way to the top of the mountain.


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