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A motivation for trying out various foods.

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Hey. I have an idea on how to add sort of a reward for trying out and later on consuming all the interesting foods we have in the game.

Right now there's absolutely no reason to eat anything but a combination of your affinity pizzaone bite T_T+good meal, aside from the joy of experimenting if you're not spoiling yourself by looking up the recipes online.


Here's what I propose.


Every once in a while your character can start having a craving for a some random meal. However, "how in the world does my toon can possibly desire some lasagne, if they never even tried one?!" - you may ask. And you will be right!

So, untill you've actually tried that food once before you can't possibly desire that meal. 

From a techincal standpoint it could work something like this - you still get the "craving for tick", but unless you've tried that one before it's just sits there unannounced.

The frequency of these ticks shouldn't be too much. I'd say you have a high chance of getting one during 3 IRL days with a 6 hour window to satisfy it?


The reward could be something like this:

  • Timer of a random affinity that you would've gotten is multiplied by X.
  • Xm of SB
  • etc

This is the part where balancing is required, so I am really not sure what to add. Could also invent something like a "Well fed" buff, where your CCFP or hunger drops slower for a while, although that seems kinda bad to me. 

Might as well add some sort of a "Tried out" tab in your cooking journal. 

Also, generic meals, breakfasts and raw ingridients should be ignored, obviously. 



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I like that.


It could use your cook book. Recipes you already know are unlocked there so if you try something you don't know how to make, you won't crave for it to save players the mad research that sometimes goes in to finding recipes.

People who experiment with cooking and unlock more recipes are clearly more interested in the cooking part of the game.

People who have no interest and eat meals/breakfast just to fill the stomach could still participate because they have the recipes unlocked.


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I'd also like to see some more, if necessary forced, approach to the food system as well.

It's a shame that we have all those recipes, but are only relying on pizzas because they're the only food type that allows simply mashing in as many and as complicated things as possible, which then results in long affinity timers and instantly full CCFP.

Either incentivize variety like Vessel is suggesting, or go a different way.


As an example: A game I played, "Haven and Hearth", has a much more interesting food system. They have food satiations. When you eat only the same thing, the effects you gain from it are diminishing until you're left with only a fraction of the benefits. To counter this, you then need to eat or drink something to "forget" about being fed up with it.

This makes sense, as being forced to only eating your favorite food for all eternity, would make you crave eating the bottom contents of a garbage can after a while, if only to have a different taste in your mouth.


A similar system in Wurm would of course not fix, that simple bread would never be a common, filling, food item, but it would definitely get rid of the "Pizza only!" spiel we have right now.

Will it also be streamlined in the future? It sure as hell will. But we're not only stuck with ONE item, then.



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