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A little about us - We are long time players (14 years!) Just a Husband and Wife team living the lazy life in a rural setting after retiring in Wurm hehe


Contact us ingame (Saturnfive or Tiggs), Leave a reply here or pm me (Zerobyte)

We are located at M9 on Cadence


Cloth Tailoring and Ores by Tiggs = Workload = light




small square and triangular sails = 20 ql - 40c,  40 ql - 75c


Square sail - 20 ql - 50c, 40 ql - 85c



Meditation Rugs



Meditation rug - Any ql = 15c, 30ql = 25c, 50ql = 50c

Fine - Any ql = 20c, 25ql = 40c, 50ql = 60c 

Beautiful - any ql - 50c, 50 ql  -  75c

Exquisite -  any ql, 50ql = 1s



Other Cloth Tailoring Items



Bedrolls = 2s


Cloth set - 30ql=1s, 40ql=1.5s, 50ql=2s 


Fishing net - 1c per 1ql


Satchels - Any ql = 5c


Tabards - Any ql = 10c


Sheets - Any ql = 15c , 50ql =25c


Colorful carpets


Small - Any ql = 5c 

Medium - Any ql = 10c 

Large - Any ql = 15c 


Cloth Bardings = any ql 1.2s





Mining lumps, 64kg



Iron - 40ql=35c, 50ql=50c 

Tin - 40ql=35c, 50ql=50c

Zinc - 40ql=35c, 50ql=50c

Copper 40ql=35c, 50ql=50c

Gold - Yes

Silver - Yes

Slate - Coming

Sandstone - Coming

Marble - Coming

Electrum, Brass, Bronze and Steel are also coming!




Carpentry, Ship Building, Plate Smithing and Live Stock by Saturnfive - Workload = Medium



Creature cage = 50c

Large Crate = 20c

Small Crate =10c



Ships + 1s per Delivery on Cadence, 2s to other servers. (Will be cheaper as i get more time) Your choice of wood.



Rowboat - 1s One in stock

Sailboat - 5s Can be complete in 3 hrs

Corbita - 15s

Cog - 25s

Knarr - 40s - 1 under construction - One complete!

Caravel - Somewhere in the far distant future



Animals (No speed traits yet, working on it)



Cow/Bull - 15c

Sheep/Ram - 15c

Bison - 1s

Horse - 20c



Plate Smithing



Full set of 20ql=1s, 30ql =1.5s


Sprouts are coming!


Recommend Warrior for all Vyn casts, and Rudie for all your Lib enchants






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Update - Bedrolls now available!


Sailboat complete, 2 x mining jobs complete, slab order complete!


Thankyou for the business!

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Fast and friendly service, thanks!

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Update some pricing to reflect changes in the market - enjoying the orders please keep them coming! If there is something unusual you need, please ask!

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Bump - caught up and taking more orders - stranger the better!

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