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Chiibeas Stables

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Tai'shar Manetheren is on the east coast of harmony in the top right corner of M21.  Send in game tells to Chiibea or Taldrageron. All horses ridable.


No traits/ no speed traits

1 Speed

Eastblood -Grey- Lightning Movement  30c

Windsilver -Grey- Lightning Movement 30c

Honeyhoney -White- Lighting Movement, Certain Spark  40c

Coffeeeboney -Black- Lighting Movement, keen senses, strong and healthy 30c

Walttear -Grey- Lightning Movement 30c

2 Speed
Pearlblood -Piebald Pinto- Strong Body, Lightning Movement 1s

Windwaldo -Black- Lightning Movement, Carry More, Unusually Strong and Healthy  1s

Rolfhop -Piebald Pinto- Lightning Movement, Carry More, Unusually Strong and Healthy 1s

Easteast -Black-  Lightning Movement, Carry More, Fights Fiercely, Strong and Healthy 1s

Wilddream -Piebald Pinto- Lightning Movement, Carry More, Certain Spark 1s

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