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Brave Stone Ville is Looking for you !

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Hello peeps,


We are at D15 (Cadence)


also, we are atm including me 3 ppl, we have a breeder and also 1 mason 50 Masonry thats i, another one with 30 mason and we still need some other ppl :) looking forward for 1-2 ppl. I speak German/English, the other 2 just Eng. 


Also a aktive Farmer or Miner, Blacksmith.


Our deed haves all Desire u need... really.


Sandstone, Slate and Marble.


We have damn lot Cherry's around a big Pine forest near us and we also planted walnut trees and some oaks for charcoal making or other doing stuff.


Where the path is going up the hill will be some how one day a nice castle i hope.


we have 2 Nice Neighbor and a costal connection.


BTW we have a tower on deed to, it is not shown somehow...


Contact me ingame Bravestone, Otherwise here when im not online :) happy Wurming and thank you for ur time here to read.






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