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This may be in the wrong place, but I am looking for villages on Cadence that are nomad-friendly.  Basically I am looking for villages that have a forge available for use, an accessible fountain/well and an unlocked hitching post.


I am in the south of Cadence, but plan to wander widely on that server.  Being nomadic, I don't have much need for livestock.  I do plan to collect "wild domestic" animals as I come across them, but will either eat them or pass them off to others I come across in my travels.  I recently constructed and unlocked a hitching post in a little mountain hamlet (these guys haven't deeded yet, so I won't give away the location) and hitched a horse to it for whichever of that little bunch wants it.  It then occurred to me that public hitching posts in towns would generally be a good idea.  As I travel about, I will be looking for hitching posts and if they are unlocked, I will aim to boost the feedtrough and maybe hitch a critter or two as a donation to the village.  It would be nice to be able to work on my tools a bit and replenish my water while in town.  

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