Old Fat Horse 'Abel' found swimming in NE sea

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You start leading an old fat horse 'Abel'.
Horses like this one have many uses.
It is being taken care of by Gaulhau.
She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat.
This creature could use some grooming.

Its colour is grey.


Gaulhau, if you'd like her back please contact me through PM here (Tristanc) or in-game on Harmony as Tantris.

I'll keep her for you on Sanderling Priory deed till you're able to arrange a pick-up with me.  Together we can work out some way of arranging a meeting for you to get/recieve her.  Sanderling Priory is on the forum community map on the waterfront of a cove.

No payment or anything like that needed, I don't mind helping out others in the community.

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