Real-life meet and greet with Wurm Legends and otherwise

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Wurm Online is a game that's been around for over two million years*, Wurm Online is a game that has gone through the toughest hardships a game that an online game depending on a subscribing playerbase can go through, but there's this bloody pesky player base who loves this game, and refuses to let it die. They do critisise, a lot, they lecture the developers and the people in charge they critsise and lecture them to death, they whine until there's no single drop of fluid left in their body that could produce another tear, but at the end of the day... they keep playing this game, Wurm Online. Because they love it regardless. I could start naming players, to no end.


Now we are in the modern day Wurm Online. Releasing on Steam has been a topic of the past. Have we, 10 or so years ago, imagined how that would go, how it would be? We probably had our imaginations. Do the Steam players know about our past? How will they react, if they learn that "Wurm Online" is not a "new game" being released on Steam? Do they care?


So there's this one dude, not sure if you know him yet, some old Dutch guy, developed an addiction... uh, I mean love for the game and a mind of his own, wanting to do things. So he decided he wanted to visit people IRL who play Wurm and interview them. I'm not advertising him because I'm on that list. It's just simply amazing and awe-inspiring. He started out today with visiting Elwood, if you're a Wurm Veteran, Elwood is probably something like a well known brand... OH YEAH, WOOD SCRAP!


I would like to fully endorse this Twitch channel of MacOofer Jellyfish, stay tuned for more real-life meetings, but also don't be too harsh on the premiere with the one and the only, Elwood.


Uhm yeah, I think that's all I wanted to say. I'm sorry, I'm a bit drunk too.


* This is an estimation, which might be slighlty off.

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Oh boy we are on a roll...

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