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Doomforge and Witchcraft (Not Open Yet)

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We are currently getting prices and working on setting up shop will be open soon.


The plan for our shop is going to be each person has there post below to update there sales section.


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I currently have nothing in stock.

I can create any Weapon on request, prices are: Large Mauls are +20%

  • 60ql 1.0s
  • 65ql 1.5s
  • 70ql 3.0s


They are always made of iron unless you supply the material of your choice. There will be no upcost.


You can also send me your already finished weapon for an imp to the desired QL. The imp costs less for each QL-milestone on my pricelist.

If a 20QL weapon cost 20 copper and a 10QL weapon cost 10c, then the imp from 10 to 20 would cost 10 copper.

When imping if it changes rarity the total cost of the imp changes:

  • Rare 12s
  • Supreme 50s
  • Fantastic 1.2g
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