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North Freedom Carpenter's Guild

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This is a guild less in the gaming sense and more in the traditional sense "A medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power." I've been inspired to make this both by the many other carpenters I am friends with, and by the fact I'm entirely overwhelmed with orders I don't have time in the day to fill atm. To join the guild you must be a carpenter willing to take carpentry jobs. Ranks are as follows

Under 50: Apprentice
50-70: Journeyman
70-90: Accomplished
90-99: Master
99+: Grandmaster

Post your merchant topic here along with your rank in the carpentry skills you practice. And I will add you to the list below. You can come back to ask for a rank update any time.


Primefactor - Master Carpenter
Theinnkeeper - Accomplished Carpenter
Wrumdragon - Accomplished Carpenter

Sarya - Accomplished Carpenter


Fine Carpenters


Theinnkeeper - Accomplished Fine Carpenter
Primefactor - Accomplished Fine Carpenter
Wrumdragon - Journeyman Fine Carpenter

Sarya - Journeyman Fine Carpenter


Ship Builders


Wrumdragon - Journeyman Ship Builder
Snarkymcgee - Journeyman Ship Builder

Sarya - Apprentice Ship Builder


Toy Makers

To make an order from the Carpenter's Guild.

A. If you want an order through a particular vendor do so through their topic.
B. If you want a general order post it here with the your price offered. Looking at merchant topics is a good way to determine fair pricing.

If a merchant wants your order they can haggle the details and timeframe with you in PMs and then make a public post here stating they have taken the order if you reach an agreement.

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Hey, add me up.
Accomplished Carpenter

Journeyman Fine Carpenter

Journeyman Ship Builder

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Accomplished Carpenter

Journeyman Fine Carpenter

Apprentice Ship Builder


Contact Sarya in game.

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 - Accomplished Carpenter

 - Journeyman Shipbuilder

 - Apprentice Fine Carpenter

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Mia's Refuge - Harmony G9 - Journeyman Carpenter, Apprentice Fine Carpenter

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