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Varrock and GE grand community project!

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Hiya everyone! I am currently in the planning stages of making Varrock, and, I am curious if anyone would like to help with the planning, building, terraforming or decorating of the city! I am pretty low on silver so I will be providing a few options when it comes to rewards/payment for helping. Maybe in a few months I will get the silver required to properly compensate people on the work and items provided.


First, if you want to become a permanent resident of the town while helping you will have a choise on what building you would like based on your skills pertaining to the building being taken such as a cook taking up a house and making it a bakery or a restaurant. A few off limits buildings would be the guild halls, museum, bars(they will only be for temp residents), the palace and banks. As these will be public locations for Skilling, storage and the museum will be used to display all the archeology items possible.


Second, If you want to be temp, you can take up residence in the inn when it is finished and provided with material gains while working on the deed.


Third, if you just wish to provide items, light help or other work/things. You will be given other items in return or possible labor from me.


Just message me on the forums, in game or on discord (Elisiuma) with how you want to help and the options provided or if you just want to help without compensation you can just drop by and help ^.^ once I get a bit more of deed planner done I will post the current plans of how the deed should look upon completion.


And in conclusion.... I know people will be slapping the whole "you know this will take time riiight" I know :) I plan on this being a long time endeavour! Also, if you feel I left something out of this that would be good info to have in just message me!

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