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Dueling agreements still valid even after the losing person dies.

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I have discovered what I think is a bug that would allow someone to be killed repeatedly on PvE servers after they accept a duel. I opened a support ticket and have been directed to make a forum post by CM Tanzanite.


Steps to reproduce:


1. Right click a player on Harmony and go to Sparring -> Duel

2. Have the player accept the duel you have initiated

3. Kill that player and have them respawn.

4. Kill the player again after they respawn. Repeat ad infinitum. 

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8 hours ago, MrGARY said:

you end spars/duels by clicking spar/duel again


Yes, but the person may accept to duel once in mind that it may die once, and instead die 30 times without realizing this when choosing to duel. Is there a message that instructs about how to end the duel? 

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