Sitheil PVE, 10x/10x, 4K map, fun mods, strict rules

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Sitheil has made a few changes, as of 28 August 2020. All changes are intended make life easier for those unable to play a lot of hours at a time.

- skill gain and timers increased to 10x/10x (up from 2x/2x)

- bounties increased to 4x (up from 2.5x)

- mobs increased to 60,000/40% aggressive (up from 50,000/30% aggressive)

- Body Strength, Mind Logic, Weaponsmithing, Blade Smithing and Shield Smithing are all increased by a factor of 5. This doesn’t mean they’ll be 5x faster, necessarily, as it’s a function of their usual lag x server skill gain rate.

- Meditating, Archery and Fletching increased by a factor of 10

- removed the 25% difficulty penalty to Characteristics gains

- fog spiders returned, and their bounty is now the same as for trolls

- salt and eggs can now be planted in planter pots


*We’ll tweak these settings if they turn out to be less than ideal.*


If you’re new to Sitheil, our stats and rules can be found on the website here: Here are some highlights:

- “The server with the GM who’s way too strict about the rules”

- 4K custom map with tons of resources

- no moon metals, except in lucky drops while mining

- 1 hour crop ticks, no crop rot

- no priest restrictions

- tons of great mods, which can be found on our Discord – link on the website

- Discord relay

- no mail costs

- no rift mobs

- no Libila priests

- New players must complete a Spawn Mission before being released from the spawn village.

- Free 5x5x5x5 deed with 1 templar, then you’re responsible for upkeep costs and resizing costs.



NOTE: Our servers tend to be shorter term (up to 12 months), as that is the preference of our returning players, who love the game until they have everything they need, then get restless. However, as long as at least a few players are still logging in regularly and/or continuing to donate toward server costs, we'll keep it running.

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crop ticks reduced to 1 hour

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NOTICE:  As of tonight's backup, crop ticks will change from 6 hours to 1 hour, by overwhelming player request.  Enjoy!

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Awful experience.
Played less than 30 minutes.

[22:40:28] <System> This is your Global Kingdom Chat. 
[22:40:28] <System> You can disable receiving these messages, by a setting in your profile.
[23:28:40] <Tawny> Hello Arakawa
[23:31:28] <Arakawa> hello
[23:34:59] <Arakawa> are there requirements to be met before being allowed to leave starter town?
[23:37:08] <Tawny> The number one requirement is to read the rules. That will explain the rest.
[23:37:58] <Tawny> This is not a good server if you don't like the rules or you don't plan to follow them 100% of the time.
[23:38:56] <Tawny> Are you new to Wurm?
[23:42:07] <Arakawa> no. returning. Wurm is more a winter game for me. Was trying to the basic turtorials and got stuck at digging. Realized I could become a citizen of the town and now Im g2g. I see the mission to build
[23:42:15] <Arakawa> a guard tower
[23:42:41] <Tawny> That tells me that you haven't read the rules.
[23:42:46] <Arakawa> ....
[23:44:41] <Tawny> Have you read the rules all the way through, and do you agree to follow them 100% of the time?
[23:45:28] <Arakawa> I wonder if you're a bot. I just said I read the rules about making the guard tower to be able to leave the starter town.
[23:45:50] <Arakawa> and of course I'll follow the rules
[23:46:40] <Tawny> I'm going to make a judgment and say this isn't the right server for you. Thanks for checking us out.  You might enjoy Calysto a lot more.
[23:47:12] <Arakawa> I'd rather not talk to you. Just trying some relaxation. Not to be berated.
[23:47:40] <Tawny> You are not a good match for this server. We wish you the best somewhere else.
[23:48:07] <Arakawa> I dont understand why you're being hostile
[23:48:35] <Tawny> Honestly, try Calysto. It's awesome. And there are very few rules.
[23:50:10] <Arakawa> There's nothing wrong following the rules here. I'm good. Please stop so I can enjoy playing (within the rules)

Immediately banned. Ashamed I voted for this server.

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6 minutes ago, Blunt_Zephyr said:

Immediately banned. Ashamed I voted for this server.

We think you'll be much happier on a server that doesn't have such strict rules as Sitheil does. Reading the rules (not just skimming to get the gist) is literally the very first thing we ask players to do before they play. You might also note that not arguing with the GM is specifically mentioned in the rules. Anyway, we have no animosity toward you. Most players aren't a great match for this server, really only those who like the rules and understand why they are important. We wish you well, and hope you find a server that matches your playstyle better.  

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I had no clue the person was a GM nor did they give a hint they were. I read the rules, have no problem following them. Answered my own question (how to leave the starter city) but was already judged.

I'd rather go find a server where the GM's dont power-trip.

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Just FYI, for anyone considering joining us on Sitheil:  there is, of course, no mission to build a guard tower in order to be able to leave the spawn town.  🙂  We are quite serious about the rules, though.  This is a little haven for those who like our particular way of doing things.  If you don't, then we would be happy to recommend other great servers you might like.

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Hi There,     

     I wanted to leave a post here because it is very often we only remember to review places when we have a bad experience, and not to give positive feedback where it is due. Firstly this is a server that does strictly follow its rules you want to read them before you consider it. If it is to restrictive to you and you come anyway you were warned. I found that most of these rules are rules that all servers should have but no one was around to make sure they got enforced. This server makes sure sure that they are enforced. Some prime examples of what does not happen here. There are no junk piles all over, deforestations all over the place, and you wont log on to find holes all over in your area mined or dug.

     That was kind of the the scare you off paragraph if you want to be able to do whatever you want when you want. If one likes the style of play that stems from those rules it is a great community. The economy is controlled but money is not hard to get and the starter town is a amazing place to be locked in until you finish your starter quest. Where else do you get to free rent a cabin in the starter town. That's right this is a custom experience server the owner takes the time to set you up in your own cabin. Public mine with dungeon spawners to train. Very interesting mods enabled to make for a overall great experience. I would recommend this server 100% I enjoyed my time here and am looking forward to any new projects the server owner starts in the future.

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