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Hello fellow Melodites! The topic has been brought up a few times about the need to get Melody residents connected with recruitment, commerce, services, community projects, mayor contacts, organized events and more! My neighbor and I have setup such a Discord server and are encouraging all those who want to advertise, mingle search for players and be known within the Melody server community.  A list of channels/features we have setup:

- Wurm Online information dump channel with a full list of current online resources and tools.
- Community Projects are non-personal deed related projects that contribute to the server. Roadways, highways, tunnels, water ways/canals and structures built  by players. If you have such a project that you'd like to post assistance, please add the type of project, location, proposals and what labor/material services are needed.Community projects channel.

- A list of deed/settlement mayors who join the discord.
- Streamer and content creator advertising channel so people know when your content is live.
- Village recruitment for those looking to join or recruit for an established deed.
- Marketplace to move your product: WTS - Wanting To Sell / WTB - Wanting To Buy / WTT - Wanting to Trade / PC - Price Check specifically for Melody.
- Services channel provides a place to look for and advertise your labored work. Looking for skilled up? Want to advertise your own services? We got  a channel for that.
- Deed Planner gallery posting and design services so people can get great design ideas from great visionaries!
- Bot support for spam, role assignment and XP.

All users are auto assigned a citizen role, mayors and content creators get a special role with verification and GM's / forum moderators get their own role when verified as well.


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We’re at nearly 50 active users. That’s like 1/3rd the server active user base! Join up if you haven’t. Thank you for connecting with your neighbors!

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