Rite of Spring at Verdant Bay - Harmony - Successful!

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Attention All Vynora Followers or Priests in Cadence. RoS was cast successfully. Boat on over and pray to get your 5 hours free sleep bonus. Special thanks to Iwry, Reverent and Thoren!



Attention all Vynora priests! Verdant Bay is going to be casting another casting of Rite of Spring. We welcome Vynora priests from across the servers to come and link with our casting priest. We need your help!


Players on other servers can make the trip to harmony within 24 hours and pray to receive their 5 hours of sleep bonus. We also welcome priests from Cadence to join in.


We are calling priests of level 55 faith or above to link with us to cast Rite of Spring! We could use more priests to link with us.

I understand this is short notice, but we did not expect the rite to be ready so soon! We will have more of a heads up on the next one.


Please contact Szarin or Trith in game or reply to this post if you would like to be involved with future Rites. We will announce them earlier.


We have preliminary plans to do the rite WEEKLY at 3:00-3:30 EST because of how fast the timer is reset. But this means we need all you Vyn followers to pray a lot!

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So this was cast on what server? Harmony or Cadence? You have the same threads in both sub forums, so it's really confusing.... 

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