Leveling up sand over rock - turns into dirt

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if I have sand in inventory, standing on only sand and I level up the sand, so that it spreads over the adjacent rock tile, it turns into dirt.  There is no dirt anywhere close.  Intentional Wogic or a bug?  You decide.  :)


Edit:  Now I am having trouble reproducing it.  Just a momentary glitch?  I'll leave this here, just in case someone else also has run into it at times.

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sometimes when standing where only rock arround can use shovel and dig, (why try to use pickaxe and mine you get message "surrounding area needs to be rock..), noticed only on chaos and independence, (the only 2 where can find cliff tiles?), and many times can dig with shovel on tile border that separates dirt from rock, which normally shouldn;'tn be possible


edit: and of course when dig, getting dirt to inventory

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