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Whenever I have moved in the past I've always ended up browsing the forums for those neighborhoods looking for more population.. wanting just to see more faces pop up in the local chat.. maybe a neighbor down the road that you pass on your way to X... someone to help with that community project.  I'm not looking to join a deed really as I always prefer to have my own small plot to take care of. I'm also never wanting to step on peoples toes so I find if people are looking for new neighbors in the first place that's always a better start. Any areas that are developing and might fit the bill please let me know. Older crowd preferred but I'm flexible.

thank you,

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This is from month ago, so I assume you settled down already, but I dont mind neighbors if your still looking or anyone else reads this. I'm at "The Temple of Fo" along the road that leaves Sonata to the west.


We've got a mailbox, trader, Fo altar, and soon a caravan that should be setup so our neighbors can use them if they please. I'm a priest of Fo so I can convert and take confessions of you need as well. :)


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