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rare meditation rug

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Some advise @Phoenixusthis is the common format people use for auctions


*insert photo of the item auctioning including quality and any casts*

start bid - *insert price in silver or copper*

increments - *insert how much each minimum increase is in silver or copper*

no private offers / private offers contact ingame or via forums - *your choice if you want people to place hidden bids*

no buyout / buyout price - *insert price in silver or copper* || *your choice again if you want to place a buyout price or not*

sniper protection *this basically means that if someone places a bid in the last 30 mins or anything under the last hour of the auction the auction is extended an hour from the bid so people have opportunity to out bid - your choice but highly recommended and you can determine the time*

*insert auction timer using this tool - I would recommend keep the auction for items 3 days or shorter, any large value items then your option to extend it or not. Long auctions are not appealing.*


The format above just gives the bidders all the information needed, and avoid any issues throughout your auction. Good luck. 

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