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Greetings everyone, I have myself a rather large new deed and am looking for some people to join me. 

I've got quite a few plots just sitting there so hopefully some people will want to come be part of the group ^.^


The deed is on the south coast of Magincia Island in Indy, s18 for ingame map and 37x 60y on the splendid Albia road map.


*Please do keep in mind there is lots of work to be done here but I figured perhaps it would be fun to develop the village together*


A couple of rules:

-Be active and please tell me if you will be leaving(the game, server or village) or going on break.

-All buildings will belong to me since sometimes people do just go MIA

-I ask that houses are only made out of slate, marble and/or timber/wood as that is the sort of 'theme' for this deed.

-And of course, be nice and respectful


If anyone is interested you can reply here or pm ingame (same name) ^.^


Current map via deed planner








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added images :p
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Still looking ^.^

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