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We're heading to Cadence to set up a hunting lodge to essentially terrorize the local flora and fauna and we're looking for a few more brave would to help fill out hunting parties and sermon groups.


We are aiming to have permanent and temporary residences for guests so that we can offer a vacation destination with guided or semi-guided hunts.  We are at 4 trait horses now and will hopefully be at 5 speed horses on site within a week so that we can provide a high quality vacation destination for players who live full time on the other servers.


At the moment we have a couple no lifers and a small bunch of other guys who play semi-regularly.  We have a few skills covered at the moment like AH, mining, AS and a few others but we are definitely looking for more people, New or veterans.


if you would like to join our group full time we can offer you a permanent home or even just a spot in the alliance for your own deed if your prefer that as well.  We currently have three priests at the moment so sermons will be a high priority for us so if you would also like to raise a priest we can definitely fit you into our sermon schedules.

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