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Settings profile choice from client not persisted in launcher

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I created a secondary low graphics settings profile on my laptop, as I want it to run cooler in the current heat, but the selected settings profile is not persisted in the launcher, so it's very easy to get the wrong profile selected.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a new settings profile from inside the client (mine is called 'low') and save it.

2) Quit the game and start the launcher (not changing the profile).

3) Check which settings profile is set in the launcher.


The last selected settings profile from inside the client should be selected in the launcher.



The profile previously selected in the launcher is selected.


EDIT: I noticed that if the problem was different from what I initially thought. The problem is actually that the launcher does not remember (or get notified of) a change in settings profile that you do in the client.

If you select the profile in the launcher, it is correctly set in the client and persisted in the launcher as well.

This is of course a very minor problem, even more minor than what I thought the issue was before.

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