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Gm creation of scale armor in all colors

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Was puzzled by the fact a Gm could only create scale in default color,  took me a long time to get round to it but heres how to make all colors.


With wand create scale with enough weight to make what you need...6kg for a full set seems bout right.

With wand select Item, setdata on the scale.

Set data2 to desired color.

Black = 89

Blue = 91

Green = 90

Red = 16

White = 92

Now use scale and Large Anvil to create your Item, It will create with proper color and name.


Have Fun and Drink lots of Rum.

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Good write-up I can also add to it, if you want to change any color of a pre-existing armor set you can just change its color with gm setData

Blue = 40 40 215
Black = 10 10 10
Green = 10 210 10
Red = 215 40 40
White = 255 255 255

This should be the same for drake and scale.

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