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Screen Space Optimizations of Item Windows

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My wife asked me why this game is all numbers :S  Then I found myself making Walnut Crates because the name Walnut is the shortest word so I can see the description I give them without opening the box so far across my screen. Yes I know you can make the text smaller, I have previously played a long time with it small, still kinda the same problem and then its tiny writing 😕

My idea is to look at space optimizing of the item windows (inventory, containers etc.) so they can be resized smaller to take up less screen space.  Currently to view item count and description you need to expand the box wide to view all the information, with multiple containers open the screen gets busy and looks more like a spreadsheet game :D

1. Make the name, QL, weight, Dmg columns resizable. 

2. Nesting of groups could expand less to the right.

3. The item count in brackets could be before the written description, the icon is already there so maybe don't need to view the word.
4. Could also allow player entered description before the game description on items.

Random inventory pic to help visualize




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