Village recruitment board not functioning well

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Village recruitment ads seem to not show up on defiance.

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Same thing in pve for me, the village recruitment board doesn't work properly.

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Neither the recruitment board nor the village message board are working properly.
Posting details with some pics:

In image below, I try to secure the board to the ground but get the message that I need to write something on it first. As you can see from the time stamps, a message has been posted on it. Also, it is very hard to read given the white text on a white background. 

Another note- when I first tried to secure the board to the ground I got the message that I did not have perms to do that, even though the board was created by Thalius and Thalius is the mayor of the deed.  I moved the board a tile over and then back and that message went away, but now I still can't secure it because the server does not recognize there is a message posted to it.

The recruitment board has the same issue with some additional problems:
Same as the message board, I cannot secure it until I write something on it, but there is already a recruitment add posted to it.

The additional problems with the recruitment board have to do with the ability to read an add posted to the board.
When trying to write out an add, this is all you see, a white field where no text shows visible as you type:

After you type out a message though and click-drag to highlight the text, you can see that you did indeed type something that is now highlighted in black, but you still can't see any text:


I have not checked to see if any recruitment posts can be seen by other players checking the recruitment boards.  What I have shared here is simply what it looks like from my end.

Edited by Thalius

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Can you try to Rename each board, then plant it into the ground?

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