Quality of Life Suggestions 8-10

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1. More clothing options please :) Lots more.  I have a lot of girls in my settlement and they are confused why there's so little women clothing options especially.  Even the men like to wear different clothing to each other. 


2. Pigs eat slightly too much, becomes a choir to raise them.  This needs some tweaking.  Same goes for Hens/Roosters (although, easier to manage).  Right now they are eating about 30-40 pieces of meat a day per two pigs in my pens.  This is crazy considering the animal spawns have become non-existent.  It might not be an issue for late game when you have tons of seeds and such but right now it's almost impossible, at least in my area to keep them fed.


3. As a deed manager, allow us to set all houses that are built on our deed to automatically be settlement owned, in addition to giving permissions to the builder.  It's far too annoying managing permissions on a very large settlement of 80 people.


4. Allow us to save templates for deed permissions. I want to create titles like gardener, master gardener, etc... it takes way too much time. 


5. Creatures should stop chasing at some point if no combat has been initiated for a set amount of time.  This makes it easier for new players who don't know the map to survive/escape without frustration.


6. The mines around the starter towns should have a large area with reinforced floors to prevent people mining out ditches that new players fall into and have to figure out how to climb out.  I'm not exactly sure how to prevent this mass destruction of the mines but it's an issue I've been recruiting in the new player towns seen people complain about it.


7.More furniture options for housing - such as being able to make leather/cloth furniture (chairs with cushions) and really just need a lot more decoration options in general.


8. Some skills like carpentry have "high end items" that you can only create at very high skill, but a lot of other skills once you hit around 20-30 in the skill you can create everything there is to offer.  More variety, that would require higher skill...  such as different versions of longswords (just looks, no stat differences) would be appreciated to give end game content to look forward to.


9. Better monster spawning.  New players are complaining there is no creatures.   I believe there needs to be an increase to den spawn ratios.


10. More variety in PVE.  Maybe an island that isn't deedable that has high end content?  A part of the mainland near the starter towns that always has new low skill level monsters for newbies to fight like a gremlin base or a mine dungeon with rats in it?


11.  Run special events that are automated, that encourage people to log in every day.  For example for the bulk time periods there is a 10% increased skill gain/affinity chance.  Might help people who have limited time to play keep up with the rest of their villagers.


12.  Destroy walls/fences should be available to select even if you don't have bdy str 21 so that you can get the error message about lacking strength.


13. When moving things from a cart there are situations in which you can only move "the max amount you can carry"  It would be great if you could instead move them all at once, but with a timer so that it gradually moves 4 at a time (for example iron ore).


14. Item's should show their stats.  Weapons should show poison damage modifier for copper, damage amount, swing timer, etc...  So that as you improve it you can see tangible results of your work.  Same goes for armor and tools.


15. Right clicking items in the creation window/crafting window should give the option for wurmpedia


16. (pvp only) weapons should keep track of who they killed.  Just for fun :)


17. Small carts should allow you to attach one bull (giving them specific use) and should be rideable.


18. Deed owners should be given the option to move wagons/tents on deed to the deed border.  It could be done at random.


19. Deeds need a notes section on the deed token where players can submit notes to the mayor(s) that can be readable anytime by the mayor.  For example, I'm going away for a week be back on 8-10, or I quit the game, etc.


20. Tutorial needs to be completely redone at some point, with actual videos that can be referenced for things like terraforming and house building/fence building at any time during gameplay.  That way they can watch, pause, and copy the video.  I spend so much time teaching new players this stuff!  Like a little video GIF that can be shown in a window.


21. Archeology should show an icon on the map of the towns location/name.  It would seem weird that an archeologist would not keep track of the history of a town and it's importance to the location.   This would allow people to finally get accurate locations on the map and eventually hash out the entire game world for their city.  Finding larger towns would create a larger icon on the map as well as reward the archeologist somehow for finding such an important settlement, also with towns being able to choose their emblem design from a template. 


22. Notifications for when food is ready (toggle option).


23.Leaving food in oven too long will burn it and make it unusable.


24. Cloth heat mats for hot food to rest on to cool down quickly.


24. More animal skins/variety for chickens and cows.  Even variations for bison/horses of the same skin (spots in different locations, slightly different hair pattern).


25. Being able to tame more than one animal at a time at higher skill level



26. Mayor should have permissions to any house that a settler (that belongs to the mayors city) makes within a set area around the town.  I've had new players create a shack outside the deed (even though it's a huge deed) preventing me from expanding it, and spending money.


27.  Animals when near *not on settlement should make noises for example a mountain lion would growl to give sound q's they're near.  Sometimes in forests it can be impossible to know since you cannot see


28.  New players not attached to deeds should have their own "village" style chat so that people already in villages don't get bombarded with recruitment messages.


If you  have more suggestions put them here :)








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nice suggestions i like the one where weps keep track of kills very cool!


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Suggestion the second.  Well, they are pigs.  Notorious for eating too much.  Being a chore to raise them is part of the point of the game.  While "grinding" should not be gratuitous, there is really very little in Wurm that is or should be "set and forget".


Some of these have already been suggested and discussed at length multiple times.  (e.g. 17 & 25)


Some of these are already in the game. (e.g. 12 & 19 are both doable in-game, and 5 already happens to some extent)


Some of these are too vague to be meaningful.  (e.g."more furniture options", "better monster spawning", more how and better how? )


Regarding items 10, 11, 21, 22, to me these would all to some extent break the immersion of the game.


There are some very good suggestions in here (somewhere to put food to cool, balancing skill progression with progression in the availability of items of craft, deed management improvements) but because there are so many suggestions all together, they tend to get a bit lost in the crowd.

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Oh another idea I just thought of...


A border tool.  Basically someone can place markers down declaring that's where their house is going so if a new person gets recruited they know that area of the deed is taken already.  It would allow for easier planning as we could place markers as mayors to identify areas for housing

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9 hours ago, sweatygopher said:

Oh another idea I just thought of...


A border tool.  Basically someone can place markers down declaring that's where their house is going so if a new person gets recruited they know that area of the deed is taken already.  It would allow for easier planning as we could place markers as mayors to identify areas for housing


Survey pegs, I think they would be.  Would be a nice touch.


p.s. I am assuming you mean within an existing deed, to allocate plots for new citizens.

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There is a lot going on here.... 
I like some of what I see, some of the ideas are a bit 'meh' and some others I would like to debate. But, overall, I agree with Trickster: please do not group up a big list of suggestions like this. 

I know it takes more time & effort.... but each and every one of these suggestions should be a suggestion post of it's own. When each idea has its own post, the poster can (and should) flesh out the idea in greater detail, give specifics, talk about game integration, etc. This also gives other Wurmians the chance to respond in specifics as well, and the discussion is going to be focused and on-topic instead of fragmented and piecemeal. 

OP - if you haven't already, Retrograde has a pinned post at the top of this subforum explaining exactly what sort of information a suggestion should include in its first post. I honestly would very much like to see all of these suggestions broken up into their own separate posts following Retro's guidelines. I very much want to discuss many of these with you, and with other Wurmians. 

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