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"When an artifact has 0 charges left it will disappear into the ground at a random location within the week unless recharged at either the White Light or Bone Altar." not a random time, it's exactly 7 days after the artifact was dug up that it loses charges/drops, so if it was dug up at 1am on the 7th, it'll lose charges 1am 14th, 21th, 28th, etc. If it has 0 charges when it does the weekly check it drops into the ground.


  • Recharging takes up to 4 minutes, can only be done one artifact at a time and emits a serverwide event message. Recharge charge depends on charges left in item, you'll get a message in event saying "x vibrates" each time a charge is added. WL artifacts and BL artifacts cannot be recharged at the same time, if one is being recharged at the other altar it will block you. 1 minute between charging ending and starting another charge.



The spells listed are random powers, but generally really low, 30-50's, and all last for about 3m10s or so regardless of spell, except for phantasms which is always 100 power 5 mins. 

Bronze hammer/sword of mag - Activating gives 10 favor, if you have no deity it kills you. Mag followers do not get any special bonuses, the mag priest bonus isn't fully effective on artifact damage either.

Glass ear - Chances are 33% for each to happen not 50% for nothing, requires you to be off deed to work. Gems are 70+ql, average being around 85ql.

Glass mouth - Gives a excel cast for vyn followers. The refresh is the version of it that fills food+water+nutrition+stamina to 99%

Orb of doom - uses 10 charges per use, backfire is based on soul strength and just kills the user if it fails, extremely unlikely to actually work. Can be resisted by soul strength. Gives event messages for using, if you're marked by it, but not if it backfires they just die.

Scepter of ascension - Casts hell strength on you if a lib follower, phantasms otherwise. Kills non-followers.

Rod of Beguiling - 20% damage not 10%, activating gives forest giant strength cast if fo follower, phantasms otherwise. Does not work on artifacts or mob damage. Recharges your favor bar. Kills non-followers.

Charm of fo - Oakshells user if fo follower. Small chance (around 10% or so?) to summon a wild boar that's in your kingdom and will attack enemies. This is only on self-use, not when using to tame.

Crown of might - frantic charges user if mag follower. Small chance (around 10% or so?) to summon a mountain gorilla thats in your kingdom and will attack enemies.

Scale of lib - Small chance (around 10% or so?) to summon a wild hyena that's in HOTS and will attack you (bug? i never used it in hots to check if it's friendly for them, but you can summon the other 2 kingdom creatures by artifact in your kingdom just fine). This is only on self-use, not when using to rebirth. Phantasm's non-lib followers.

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