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New multi level arched Wall support pieces

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Would REALLY like to see some new wall pieces to support multi level arched building constructions.

images explain in detail


Current multi level arches



Requested Multi level arches with new 'arched wall supports'



Functionally they would work/behave exactly the same as existing arch pieces, but would have the horizontal part of the model removed.

Therefor I doubt it would be difficult to implement.


If the issue with these is that they don't have a horizontal component to select in order to build another level on top of. You could always convert them from a 'regular arch' to a 'support arch' by use of an appropriate tool (maul?).

Similar to how a stone wall is converted into a plain stone wall with the use of a crowbar.


Also my epic paint skills.


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It's a great idea! Lots of things being added to the game all the time, it would be great to see this one added too.

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Love this one! Have great ideas for buildings that would be really enhanced by being able to have a 2 story arch, if possible. 

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