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Melody (Mel) Mountain Ville Recruits Ger/Eng(CLOSED)

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We are seeking New Players and Old Players, deed is at q16 on Melody. 42 by 67 Big, big Forest with Birch wood and Linden wood.


Iron, Marble, Lead and copper atm.


Im in a really Aktive Alliance that Build Already at the Canal o16 a bridge and also the travel to the main City Overture is like 20 mins max.


we are around 10- 20 ppl in the ally.


and im trying to flatten the land, create a Farm, Housing from Marble and slate and also a little castle at least on the top of my small hill :)


we also take care of New Player that is willing to stay in game and we will help ofc.


Ingame Name Bravestone (Mayor), Kroweyes (Deputy)



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