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Back after a break - Wurm not loading

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Hi Guys


I've updated Java and the Wurm launcher runs normally however when I press "Play" nothing happens... no wurm window appears.


I've tried both the normal launcher and the steam version with no luck.


Any ideas?

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are you using the JLNP or the Windows executable 64bit?


Try a full UNinstall through control panel > programs, then a clean RE install using the clients here:

Try FIRST  the windows intstaller 64 bit, as it seems that works for most. If that does not work, only then try the JLNP (which was giving some people issues, though a few said the revrse).


It could also be a network issue reaching the game servers that check whether you are up to date, I had an issue with that recently, but try first the 64 bit installer client from the link above.

If the steam version is also giving you issues, I would suspect that this is your issue (connecting to update servers)




The other issue to check if above do not help -- many people end up with both 64 and 32 bit Java. Windows seems to be rather random about which it tries to use. The 32 bit version will crash in Wurm.


Go to Control panel, uninstall ALL versions of Java. Then install ONLY the offline manual 64-bit version, the third link here:

Do not install through your browser, as that is how people with 32-bit browsers end up with 32 bit Java.

Download instead to your hard drive, close your browser, and install from your hard drive.


I have no idea why the Steam client would also have issues; I assume that like WU, it bundles its own java with the client (best if you do not fiddle with editing to change Java paths)






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Thanks Brash


Uninstalled everything and reinstalled 64 bit Java and got it running with the JLNP version wouldn't work with the windows installer for some reason.


Thanks for the assistance!



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