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Village of Gondamon is recruiting!

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Gondamon is recruiting, and we want you to join us!


Our deed's size is currently 25 South, 10 North, 15 East and West, and we will expand it bit by bit! Our village is surrounded with a Steppe, a Forest, and a BIG Mountain to be mined!

Our village is completely walled off from the dangerous wild animals and we even have a 50QL Guard Tower(spawns npc guardians so they can help you subjugate monsters) too. 

We are located at the foot of the mountain at  P-11. We have alliences with 4 other Villages too.



Be mature.

Be willing to contribute to the village and help with the deed plans, terraforming and other stuff.


We have both new, and both veteran people from all around the world so don't worry about your timezone!


If you want to be the part of the family, you can contact me on Discord or ingame.


Discord ID: Yurippie#7261

Ingame ID: Brotteil


In case you can't find me online, you can contact "Azell".


Discord ID: Azell/Perci#8139

Ingame ID: Azell


Here are some screenshots so you can see it with your own eyes too!






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Forgot to mention that we're still a work in progress village, and you can contribute to the village and support other villagers by joining us!

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