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On the new servers, food is at a premium, so to maximize HFC gains I've found a nice little sequence. 20-100 frying pans and 20-40 bowls will be used. For optimal workspace, a forge, and oven and a 3rd cooker (any) is handy. It's possible with just an oven, but complicated in 1 window.


Dice and Mince 100 meat, any flavor. Will require a kitchen knife, not a butcher or carver. (can filet before dice, but skill gains were minimal for me)

Put 100 meat into a cauldron, in an oven or forge. You can skip this step if you make 100 frying pans.

Put 1 meat in each frying pan inside a forge. Light all cookers.

When the meat cooks, move them from the frying pans to bowls in the oven.

When the breakfast in the bowls cook, move them to storage or back to the cauldrons.


160 meat gave me 4 points HFC from 36 to 40 and 3 points Butchering from 13-16 with Sleep bonus.

This is hardly as effective as pan filling, but far more efficient use of limited resources, requires no vegetables and gives butcher skill.

It is possible to use multiple cauldrons (or backpacks with 2 forges) and do multiple hundreds of combines. It is also possible to pre-fill multiple hundred frying pans. It took the better part of a day to filet, dice, and mince 160 meat.


If you like the guide (or don't), please post a comment to keep it relevant.

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Thanks for this guide, will certainly try out! :) 

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A backpack ( or 2/3/4) preloaded with minced meat could make this go faster



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Great guide!


Although i'm skipping the dicing and mincing, not doing the butchering grind and loading 100 frying pans and then 100 clay bows.  did it twice now and went from 4skill to 22skill. 


I'll 100% do this a few more times, and it lets me save my crops!



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