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Server UI cant change back from gm to player and gm wand dont will be deleted

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In the server ui you can change the player game management power from 1-5 but not back to 0.

Only ingame you can set player game management power to 0 for yourself or outher player. But you need the wand to make this... so you have a gm wand in inventar as player which you cant delete...


Two known bugs since minimum 2015. i found it in forum here (and because i needed fast a gm status)... but no fix.


The wand bug is very easy to fix... Change player game management power = Check is a wand needed or in inv ? = give wand or delete wand.

simple requests who can all coders ! Give wand works... they only miss  the delete request when you set back to 0.


Edit : I forgot... always when you change the player game management power (from 1-5 or 5-1) you become an gm wand... I was first 5. Change to 1 and have now 2 wands in inv...


So 3 bugs sorry.

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