Make it possible to see over wagons in third person.

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Currently i am having an issue with wagons, due to the aspect ratio of my monitor using first person is extremely broken with my view being incredibly zoomed in almost up to the first set of horses heads and being practically unusuable. Its like my FOV was set to 5 or so. But in third person everything is perfectly normal for me. So walking, large carts ect are all fine, but third person in the wagon is unable to see anything with how far it can zoom out, only allowing you to see in the back of the wagon or to the left and right, but not forward. So to ride a wagon its nearly impossible for me. unknown.png

This is about the best i can get currently, but i cant really drive through just a slit in the cloth. Perhaps setting the viewpoint up just abit higher would help? Just enough to be able to see over the top of the wagon.

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+1 I generally prefer third person and have to switch to first every time I use my wagon. It would be nice if the wagons were third person friendly.

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