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Windows 10 Animations freezing while Wurm is running

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Whenever a Wurm Online client is running in borderless window (on another monitor), animations in Windows itself are often freezing.


Here is a short 60 fps video showing the issue:


As you can see, a Wurm Online client instance is running in the background. (Active on another monitor)

As soon as I'm clicking out of it into another window (Firefox in this example), the minimize/maximize animations start to freeze randomly. In fact, the whole desktop video capture froze in the example video.


Other games don't have this issue, only Wurm does. The issue is reproducible 100% for me. To reproduce:

  1. Start WO Client in windowed fullscreen on any monitor
  2. Start other program on other Monitor, web browser in this example
  3. Click into the WO client
  4. Click into the web browser window
  5. Minimize and maximize web browser window a few times
  6. Notice how the web browser animations are freezing randomly


Not only minimizing is affected. This also happens when closing windows, as it's using the same animation.

See DxDiag log linked below for detailed system informations and Windows 10 version. (I'm still on 1909)

I'm using the Steam version of the game.


Console log, game settings and DxDiag log:!AtYqqfN8DFJzi6xZW2F_TgKGcLTH8g?e=EeojXv

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pretty annoying, yes

also happens to me


in borderless window mode it also flickers when tabbing back into the client

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