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Victory Vynoran Enchanting

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Hello everyone! I'm selling all Vynoran enchants/casts.


Enchant info:



Aura of Shared Pain (AoSP) - Will damage attacker when struck

Circle of Cunning (CoC) -  Increased skillgain when used

Demise spells (Animal, Monster, Legendary, Human) - 3% increased damage against enemy type

Dispel - Removes enchants/imbues/runes

Fire protection - Usable on jewelry, reduces fire damage taken

Frostbrand (FB) - Causes additional frost wounds

Glacial - Usable on jewelry, increases frost damage done by wearer

Lurker in the Deep - Cast on pendulums, locates rare fishing spot tiles

Mend - Reduces the damage of an item by up to 20 points and the quality by up to 2, and can be cast on some items that cannot normally be repaired.

Mind Stealer (MS) - Kills may transfer skills points

Nimbleness (Nim) - Increases chance to hit

Nolocate - Hides from locate spells

Opulence - Cast on food, feeds better

Wind of Ages (WoA) - Increases use speed





CoC, WoA, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Mind Stealer:

70+ Cast  - 20c

80+ Cast  - 40c

90+ Cast  -  75c

100+ Cast (Not available for Mind Stealer)  - 2s


AoSP, Fire Protection, Glacial, Lurker:

70+ Cast  - 20c

80+ Cast  - 40c

90+ Cast  -  45c

100+ Cast - 1.5s


Nolocate, Opulence:

90+ Cast - 5c



5c per cast



Free with any other enchant, just specify which you'd like. 



Free! Just pay COD.


How to Order: 

Contact Mattwx ingame, or PM Mattwx1 on the forums. Just tell me what enchant and power range you are looking for, then send me the item. I will cast on your item until I get your desired power level or higher. I'll then COD it back to you for the price of the power you requested, even if the resulting power is much higher.


Customer Benefits! Please Read! 

As thanks for choosing me to enchant your items, I offer several benefits to all of my customers. Benefits such as...


Shatter Insurance: If somehow I shatter your item (the chance is always there, even if very small), I will make you a new one of creation QL and finish your enchant at no cost to you. Please note this policy only applies to items 70ql and above. Also note that I can not replace item rarity, so I will make you a non-rare version of your item instead. 


Price Matching: If you find a competitor with better prices than me, I will match them. Please note this only applies to reputable sellers, and is entirely at my discretion. Just link me their thread and I will adjust the price.


Lucky Casts: Only pay the price that you requested, guaranteed. For example, if you order a 70 power cast and it goes over 100, you pay for a 70.


Recasting Discount: As a previous customer of mine, I will provide a 50% discount on a re-cast of the same enchant on the same item. I keep logs of all items I cast on as well as their creator's signatures. Please note that eligibility for this discount is at my discretion, and will not be given if I suspect the item is different. If you'd like to use this discount, simply bring it up while we are discussing your order.


Referrals: If you and someone else would like to save some money, I offer a 10% referral discount on their first enchant. Just send me a message letting me know you sent them! For every friend you refer, you also earn 10% off an enchant! Please note, a person can only be referred once, but you can refer as many different people as you'd like.


Customer Loyalty: If you are a long term and repeat customer, I will often provide discounts and even free enchants from time to time. 


Priest Stats: 



Alignment is always at 100 when casting, deed enchanting bonus is maxed, and faith bonus is 68.5 at location of cast.


Faith: 100

Channeling: 96.29

Benediction: Completed (+5 power to spell casts)



Thanks for reading! 

Edited by Mattwx1
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Great service and very kind person enchanted a fair few of my items with good speed and above all casts!

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Service was top notch! Very responsive and is now my favorite go-to for those enchants!

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Everyone involved is super awesome to work with and incredibly friendly, thank you so much for all you do!

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I've had him enchanting several of my tools, He got it done fast and was really friendly.

Will order from him again :)

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