Does Code Club secretly have *more* new servers already created and ready to launch?

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2 hours ago, Berms said:

Lol they also showed wurm characters having animations and nice sound effects on skills.. which is hilarious. the only working animation is walking, swimming, hitting ( pickaxe, bash etc ) and the broken rake animation.

The pickaxe and other sound effects they used in the trailer doesn't even come close to what Wurm has to offer today LOL.

They shouldn't do false advertising in my opinion so don't pay too much attention to that trailer. its mostly cinematic to attract players.


Malena streamed and showed how she had done the trailer. Not sure if that was on twitch or youtube, maybe someone can link to that stream so you can see for yourself.

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On 7/17/2020 at 11:35 AM, Brash_Endeavors said:



I suspect they already have new maps made, myself ....





'They' likely made many maps until they settled on one so those rejects are probably lying around somewhere.

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