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Dedicated server problem // Проблемы с удалённым сервером

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I rented servers for years and sometimes run different games on them.

Now i experience this problem during launch of Wurm Unlimited, there is no information on internet about it, can you help ?
Я арендую сервера уже много лет и иногда запускаю на них игры.
Сейчас столкнулся с вот такой проблемой при запуске WU, в интернете ничего полезного не нашлось, не могли бы вы помочь ?
./wurmserver start
[ OK ] Starting wurmserver: Applying sdk64 fix: Wurm Unlimited
[ OK ] Starting wurmserver: Applying sdk32 fix: Wurm Unlimited
[ .... ] Starting wurmserver: LinuxGSMno server running on /tmp/tmux-1002/default
[ FAIL ] Starting wurmserver: Unable to start LinuxGSM

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Maybe see whether anything here helps, as it deals with the error "Unable to start LinuxGSM" for various games INCLUDING Wurm Unlimited:


I don' know anything about Linux or server errors, but we have some good people here who are talented at this kind of thing. However it could take hours/days/weeks for the right one to notice and answer....



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