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I'm running out of interesting things to watch while playing Wurm and figured this would be a great place to ask for recommendations.  I'd even be willing to listen to podcasts as well if they are good.


No need to ask me what I'm into, just throw down what you think is a quality movie/show/podcast, what service it's on and Country (if we need a VPN to watch it).

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I like listening to the following podcasts, usually on youtube:

Joe Rogan Experience

Artificial Intelligence Podcast (Lex Fridman)

Mindscape (Sean Carroll)


Admittedly, these will only appeal to some

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World of Warcast, incase you like warcraft, 

small town murder

WAN Show 

Bloom and Grow Radio


Battle Bards. Wurm even made a appearance here.

Critical Hit

Ear Biscuits

On the Ledge

Welcome to Nightvale

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99% invisible - a podcast about just super interesting things and places you normally never hear about, its hard to describe this podcast but is one of those that let me google afterwards and read deeper into it

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esports mostly pubg competitions'

ufo documentaries

gameplay playlists, 7dtd, project zomboid, rimworld, last of us 1 and 2 and many many  other games, choose the kind of games and streamer or uploader you like

alternate history documentaries like ancient aliens and planent nibiru theories, ancient giants docus, etc i dont necessarily believe them 100% but i think some have little nuggets of truth

agt and bgt auditions and other countries too

korean drama and comedy series

anime both drawn and live action

how to videos, how to make build stuff, guitars, jewelry, from basic stuff to how to make gravity defying devices, zero energy generators, light from magnets etc


the list is endless really


mostly youtube, i cannot give links to sites for anime or movies and so on since i think its not permitted here, but its easy googling and vpn is useless really unless you're planing on doing something illegal

like start a botnet or something, but youll get caught anyway lol




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