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I got from 80 to 90 creating 700 half finished charcoal piles (max 10 logs I could carry) using <10ql logs. Got .15 gains per 10 half piles with food affinity, coffee and sb.

These piles fit nicely in rafts in a cart to be dropped and finished later with high ql logs. One big fire and collecting tons of ash and charcoal ūü§™

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Short summary of what I did and got, thanks for all hints.


I got 5 levels to 54.90 with caffeine. Used 100 kindlings successively combined to the coc99 one, always more kindlings than logs until the last one to avoid losing the coc. Took a bit over an hour, but looked worth while. Initially, the tick rate was very bad, maybe because the kindling started at 3.8 ql which went down with combining (combined ones under 2), and damage taken from failures.


I do not care for piles, stacking them on a raft and using up as forge fuel.


For stamina management, I use to be at 0% water, and use climb to arresst stamina regain (which is still fast with PoP).

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Posted (edited)

J-Smith: imping gold statuettes gives you pretty good fodder for deed bonus.

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On 12/2/2020 at 4:45 PM, Tigrosaur said:


I believe your statement about the bonus is flawed/incorrect.


Going by the latest Wurm Unlimited code and assuming we're talking about a religious spell-cast with the target being an item (Spell.run(Creature performer, Item target, float counter)) the routine behind the bonus is the following:


First the bonus is initially set as:

bonus = Math.abs(performer.getAlignment()) - 49.0f;

So not Alignment / 2 but rather the absolute(value) minus 49, it is almost identical for 100 alignment (51 vs the 50 you mentioned) but very different for lower values, for example 10 alignment would equal to -39 bonus.


Next it checks if the player is a champion and has to move into a different kingdom influence.

If this is the case it will reduce the bonus by 50 while also increasing the difficulty of the spell by 20.

If this is not the case it will check the material of the target item and if it is made of "crystal" (material: 52) or "diamond" (material: 54) but not a Gem it will add +100 to the bonus.


After this is done it looks up the village of the player and if present adds the village enchant bonus onto it (doesn't matter if the player is on-deed or not)


Only at this point the armor comes into place, first the game checks if the bonus so far is bigger than 0.0 and if it is multiplies the bonus with it.

if (bonus > 0.0f) {
    bonus *= 1.0f + performer.getArmourLimitingFactor();

So if you have -30% spell/archery the bonus would be multiplied with 0.7:

bonus = bonus * ( 1 + (-0.3) )

Important to point out here is that if your bonus at this point is <= 0.0, then your armor penalty/bonus will be ignored.



After this is done the bonus is then added together with the "Faith bonus" of the player which can be found in your "Spell effects" window (HUD Settings: Spell effects)

It is calculated as following for non-champions:

If the player has no deity:

faith-bonus = 0


If the player has a deity and is standing in the influence radius of an altar with the same deity:

faith-bonus = 5

+ 10 if the player has more than 30 faith

+ every point above 90 faith

+ 0.5 for every full altar strength on the tile you're standing on (Strength = Surface: EffectiveAltarQL - Max(DistanceX, DistanceY), Mine: EffectiveAltarQL / 2 - Max(DistanceX, DistanceY))


If the player has a deity and is standing in the influence radius of a different-god altar with strength >= 1.0

faith-bonus = 0


If the player has a deity and is not standing in the influence radius of an altar or is standing in the influence radius of a different-god altar with strength < 1.0 

faith-bonus with <90 faith = 0

faith-bonus with >=90 faith = 5 + every point above 90 faith


For champion players the faith-bonus is simply 0 inside their own kingdom influence or 50 outside.



Finally after the bonus and the faith-bonus are added together it does one last multiplication if the target item has "increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item" runes attached.

The rune effects are first added together and then multiplied with the bonus, so a +10% and a +5% rune would increase the final bonus by another 15%.


However, as mentioned by Oblivionreaver, the bonus has a max cap of 70.



Someone should make a calculator of this if it isn't already a thing. It seems really complicated...

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On 4/19/2021 at 2:03 AM, Oblivionnreaver said:

iirc, activated item is the tool ql, and 1-10 diff low ql will get you to 60, sub10ql on 20-25 diff will get you to 100 just fine

Get it up to max on an archery target first then just kill mobs endlessly. Long bow skill does basically nothing, archery is your accuracy/damage/all that fancy stuff so dont worry about the small/med/long bow skills

Just a hint to the technique: Have a coc'd animal part, combine it to max (64 items combined) and activate, and have 63 counterparts (mushroom, lovage, rosemary etc.) in a container (e.g. satchel) in inventory. The one less prevents consuming the coc'd item. It is handy to have a stack of combined 63 items which can be re-combined to the coc item.

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On 7/10/2020 at 10:08 AM, Oblivionnreaver said:


For butchering the animal, diff for meat is parts already butchered x 3, so the first one butchered is 0 diff, the next is 3 diff, one after that 6 diff, and so forth. Around a 15 diff mark is where you'd want to balance your knife ql for. Use CoC+WoA/BOTD and be full health+stam as the butcher/filet time does not effect skillgain, only how many things you butcher. For fileting, diff = damage, so ideally you want to lava the meat to high damage and counter that with a high ql knife for really fast butcher actions. From 1-60 kill+butcher+filet everything with your lowish ql knife, past 60, butcher with a high ql rare+ knife to get the most meat, gather up thousands of it, lava it all at the same time then when you get the right diff turn on sleep bonus and go to town fileting. Pre-fsb meat can be 0.6-1.2kg whereas fsb'd meat is 0.3kg so you'll get way more use out of your time fileting meat before you fsb it ( a 1.2kg meat gives 4 butchering tick chances, a 0.3kg meat gives 1).




So I've been trying a bit of Butchering now and I just realized that I kinda misread this. Or it could use a little extra info. Either way...


For Butchering and Fileting (this uses a Butchering Knife), definitely full stamina and WoA is the way to go, just like written. All the skill ticks are the same no matter how long the action takes.


But after that, you can also Dice and then Mince the meat/filets (this uses a "Knife"), and for that, the skill ticks are bigger with longer action timers.

So go ahead and do low stamina and CoC only for Dice and Mince actions using a Knife.


thanks for the guide, funny cat avatar man :)

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