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[Steam Server] Trading Port Deed

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TLDR: Looking for between 5-10 people, no more (initially), to help establish a Port on the ocean coast. Through assigned specializations and coordinated work, establish ourselves and have fun. 

Little About Me: 29, been playing Wurm off and on for about a decade. Been fooling around a lot lately in WU ever since I heard Steam was having a WO release. I was a decently skilled Chainsmith on WO, and played as a Villager on Freedom. Eventually moving to Xanadu to create my own deed. I had a lot of fun with it but eventually moved to WU to setup my own server for some friends/villagers who wanted to move off WO. 


Server Start Plan (roughdraft): Push through the inevitable server issues on release day, find the nearest coast,  drop a deed in a good spot, terraform/setup mine, build a 2 story headquarters for crafting/beds, scout area for resources/terraform makeshift dock, push to Corbita. Once we get to the final stage of the plan, im not too concerned what everyone ends up doing but until then I would like people to help push.


Specializations:  Looking for people to specialize in specific crafting to help push, more details to follow. Let me know what type of crafting you're interested in doing. Or what you wanna work on.


End Goal: getting sail boats and a corbita built so we can all take full advantage of the early game market. Plenty of money to be made for all, if we work together.


If you are interested:  feel free to message me here, I'll get back to you. just leave a little about me similar to mine.

Add'l Notes: Nothing in my plan is concrete, I have a vision and a plan how to get there. If you feel you could contribute in a way I'm missing please let me know. We can work out all the details in my discord channel if you are interested.





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