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Welcome !!!


The Vrystoria server is a welcoming and diverse server, from the moment you are dropped into the world starting at the player made town of Keldor, you are immersed in rich story line and dialogue from the various NPC's that surround you, lodgings available for the weary traveler and plenty to do right on your doorstep.

For those adventurers among us there are several dungeons to explore and a treasure trove of wonders to discover.

There are several large settlements outside of the initial 'Capital' to visit all with friendly players to interact with, RP is encouraged in the local chats, but those that enjoy the game without the RP element are also welcome.

The story of Vrystoria is an organic and evolving story line that grows with the players who can directly influence it as they progress in Vrystoria. all linked around the World History and the Deity Hestlin comes a story line that you, the player, now control.


Whether you’re a travelling trader selling their wares or an intrepid miner venturing in the underground chasms looking for rare ores to liberate, a wielder of Hammer and Tongs spending hours in front of the Smelter and Forge or a master of the cloth making fine garments for your fellow Vrystorians.


Your story is still yet to be told, but told it shall be and no better place than the welcoming and friendly civilisation of Vrystoria !

Come and join us on the journey of a lifetime.!!


Role Play

Who do you want to be?  We encourage every player to create and develop a character.  Everyone impacts the world.

More Info



Vrystoria has a rich and unique history.  Every character will have the opportunity to help shape the world

 More Info



Playing on Vrystoria constitutes acceptance of the rules listed on the rules page.  Please be familiar with them.

More Info


Stats and Mods

Server Stats



1x skill gain (weapon smithing is 3x)

2x action timers

Custom Map

Size = 2048x2048

25,000 mobs

75% aggressive

Deed Start up cost  -enabled

Deed upkeep - enabled

Skills start at 1

Fight skill starts at 10

Characteristics start at 20

Body control starts at 21

Starter gear is 10ql

Sorcery Items available as dungeon loot.



No priest restrictions

Max Faith 150

Faith gains scaled

Statuette quality and rarity matter for spellcasting

Custom deity - details here


Taxes - will go up if you are offline for more than three weeks

Bounty - Coin paid to those who kill mobs

Bounty on Burn- Burn corpses instead of bury,  Earn coin and Karma

No Crop Decay - Crops that are grown will not wither

Inbreed Warning - Gives a warning if you are attempting to inbreed

Dungeon Mod - Cool way to get loot from dungeons

Drake mount - Drakes to ride

Kingdom items and tabbards - craftable pretty stuff




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Emma, love how you did this. Would you mind if I copied you? :D

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I can't take credit for the formatting.  I had lots of help.  Please feel free to copy.  We are flattered that you asked. :)

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