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Table placement bug?

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So here we see my mallet. I was unable to place it in that side of the table inside my house unless i had my table this far off the wall. when it was outside I had no issue placing it on the table from the same position but when it gets next to the wall I am not able too. When I rotate the table so this corner is on the other side i cannot place it while it's next to the wall but I can place items in that newly rotated corner that i wasn't able too. I seem to have the same issue with shelves while inside a building. I get no placement issues what-so-ever next to walls if the item be it shelf or table is outside even if it's right up next to a wall. It doesn't seem like it's an issue with the model itself but more with the collision area of certain models being inside a building.


I hope i put this in the correct spot otherwise I sincerely apologize.

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