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I left some ANCIENT 'Cared' Horses that I need to find the new owners of

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Posted (edited)

I don't need these back, I just want to coordinate switching over the "Cared For" status so they do not all drop dead on someone, it's been about five years since I last logged into WO so they are way past the end of a normal lifespan.  Most were probably left in the Samling / Bay Hill area north of BlackDogIsland, though they could be anywhere now. All seem to be Venerable, Fat, and a few are on someone's deed, so probably someone out there wants to keep them.  


Also, if anyone has spotted "Neome's Large Cart," it shockingly somehow survived 5 years, and might even have some of my old tools inside.  All the ships wagons and deeds are gone, no surprise, but since I am unpremmed and poorly geared,  I would not mind picking up the surviving old cart and trying to find a couple of bulls/nags to pull it so i can drive around and collect all of my stranded alts 😛



The horses that I need to coordinate to /stopcaringfor, and that need their new owners to Care if they want to keep them, are the following:



  • Westfabiola  (cared for by Ajara)
  • Oakgolden (cared for by Brash)
  • Hopsweet, Raidebony, Romanwar (cared for by Brashendeavors)
  • Rockrock <<   always loved that name 😛 (Cared for by Jhana)
  • Fantasygold, Ironchaser, Potebony (cared for by Neome)
  • Sweetdog (cared for by Wyrda) -- Someone renamed it AEFSLCL but I have no idea what that might stand for, unless it is the five horse trait initials in some other language. 

You can keep them, I just don't want them to drop dead on anyone who has been taking good care of them the past 5 years. Most of them are "probably" clean 5-speeds especially if anyone has bothered to keep them this long, although there might have been a nag or two in the bunch.  Last seen in the area around Samling Fjord/InnerSea/BlackDogIsland though they could have changed hands/areas multiple times in 5 years.


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Posted (edited)

Hopsweet located and now has a new Forever owner  \o/  


Can we save any of the others in time? 🧐   


  • *Raidebony*  is branded and on a deed so I am assuming someone would like to keep this one.
  • *Fantasygold* apparently is hitched to someone's cart or wagon and has I think actively being used on/off deed?
  • *Rockrock* I am kind of hoping has a good home as his name always made me smile


See above for the other horse names. Hopefully we can get its new owners contacted before I '/stopcaring/  which will be soon :( as I need my limited slots for other animals I've since acquired.


I just hate to have them die if someone out there is using them...

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