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I am still having SERIOUS issues connecting to Wurm. I  am still getting the "Error opening connection to patch server" message. I have tried the fixes people have suggested, even though I don't know what I am doing! Nothing is working. I can log in once a day, but the next the time I try I can't. The following day, the updates run again and I go through the same thing. I am at my wit's end with it. Please help a newbie with no technical skills. 

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I had this a couple times back-to-back the last few days. First time restarting my router fixed it. Second time I added


to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts




Worked instantly the moment I added that line, saved the file and tried reconnecting.


If that doesn't work, please tell us the steps you've taken to try and fix the issue so we don't suggest things you've tried.

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According to Keenan, there will likely be several times the new IP address switches. Now I do understand you are not clear what that even means, you only know you can;t get into the game.


  • This could mess up anyone who edited their HOST file and forgot to later switch it back. You've already indicated elsewhere you do not understand everyone's instructions on how to edit HOST, which is a clue its better FOR YOU  not to mess with that at all, or you could have some longterm issues.
  • It is also going to mess up anyone whose ISP is slower than normal to update IP changes . This sounds 100 percent like your case.



You have not mentioned whether you tried changing your DNS server to something like Google Public DNS to avoid the issues you are having with your own ISP. I gave elsewhere an "easy" youtube walkthrough in more than one of your other threads but that is NOT guaranteed to work 100 percent either. It may however reduce the current issues you are having, to happening less often.   One problem however is you keep starting new threads, in different subforums (this is WURM UNLIMITED technical issues, so it is not even vaguely related to your issue), and as a result we have no idea what you tried, where you are getting stuck, and how we can help walk you step by step through some possible solutions.



Eventually the issue will go away, as you did get in once or twice, once they settle down the changes at their hosting company. But it also is going to possibly happen a few more times yet. I can appreciate you would rather have someone help you right now.  To do that, you have to stay in ONE THREAD so we can help, instead of constantly making new threads. This is NOT a good thread to use, because it is the wrong subforum, this is NOT a Wurm Unlimited tech issue and will get closed or moved by a moderator.  You need a Wurm ONLINE tech thread, preferably the one everyone else with the same issue is using, or at least one of the other ones you already started but never went back to:



It if helps, this is probably going to last a few days but it WILL eventually resolve on its own even if you do nothing at all. Your ISP apparently just needs longer to update than most peoples ISPs, and the fact the IP address has apparently changed at least three times now, mean an ISP that is slow to update their DNS records is going to be nearly ALWAYS out of date, but eventually your ISP -will- catch up.   I know that does not help when the only part you understand is that you would like to play TODAY.   


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