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lag for one avatar but not for the other

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It seems like when during the process of logging in an avatar into the game (something like instance creation), a connection object is created that interfaces between the avatar and world interactions.  During that process, it seems something can happen to negatively impact that connection object to where the avatar experiences persistent lag for a lengthy period of time.  For example, right now I have 2 avatars logged in.  One has been logged in for hours and experiences no lag whatsoever.  The second one, I logged in about 15 min ago, and there has been constant lag with everything, opening doors, menu, gates, etc.   

This issue occurs about every other month or so, so not really a big deal. Just curious about the behavior and why it happens.  It would be nice to read technical details, instead of "weird Hetzner issues".  If it's a server hosting or network issue, wouldn't it impact both avatars?

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I have encountered this myself and I have come to the conclusion is either one of two things: Internet routing issues (which cause weird things like this in my experience) or hardware limits being reached.


I have witnessed Wurm Online spike on resource hoarding within hours of playtime to ridiculous levels (I have seen a single instance of Wurm hoarding up over 8 gigs of RAM) or send my CPU to skyrocket. My layman guess is that the system is proritizing one instance over the other (the one hoarding the resources) thus making the other run at very slow levels. In the cases where the CPU usage skyrockets, even closing both clients wont stop it and I am required to reboot my pc. I've looked at my processes and it seems Windows Defender has something to do with it, but I haven't been able to make heads from tails of it all. 


Try not only restarting your clients, but reboot your pc. If it persists, then its definetely not on your end.

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