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Tridents Point



          This is a huge settlement with a lot of great ideas to how it should be developed. there is currently a lot of work to be done, This is a city for both experienced and new players. Ideas and creativity is what makes this game what it is, so we welcome those as much as possible. You never know when someone has a great idea about something.



Important Information:


  • Deed size: 91x84 
  • Location: R15
  • resources: Iron, Clay, Tar, Sand, Water, Tin, Gold, zinc
  • Creatures in Area: spiders, hell hounds, scorpions, unicorns, trolls, horses, and various weaker critters.
  • Land Marks: Desert, Coastline, Mountain, lots of Forrest
  • Religious Domain: Vyn in city area, Mag in the mine, Fo near farm for now
  • Villagers: 15
  • Alliance: Join Uncanny Legion (70 deeds on Xanadu)
  • NPC: will setup locations for merchants soonish.

What We are Looking For:


  • Dedicated players willing to learn the game and build the city into what it could become.
  • Activity is a must. If your not able to login then let us know whats up so we don't assume you quit.

Current and Future Projects:


  • Mine
  • Teraforming
  • stockpiling resources
  • stables, monastery, warehouse, and farm are all being worked on now.

What Village Needs:


  • Fo priest
  •  All Skill Sets
  • Dedicated and Fun Citizens

What We Offer:


  • Security and Freedom
  • Experienced players to help answer any questions you may have.
  • 90 skilled smith, so ask if u need tools

Alliance and Village Communications:


  • Discord
  • Event Scheduling
  • Village  Website to come in the future.




Will post them very soon!






Eldarian in game or on forum if you are interested in more information or to join our wonderful community.

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updates to info
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tried screenshot ont his new pc last night, need figure out how to do it, print screen didn't work...lol wanted everyone to see what it was from the start to the finish.

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The start of a village in the makingrwKZuRa.png

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mountain side of bay needs all flatraised into platformsIQtwfIL.png

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